TOPALIDIS THEODORE SA is the conversion of the individual enterprise "TOPALIDIS THEODORE" which was active in the field of tires since 1975, the year of its establishment. In 2004 the enterprise became an SA Company which actives both in tires and mechanical part of cars fields. Basic factor to this conversion was both the involvement of Mr. Topalidis Savvas (who is a Mechanical Engineering of a Polytechnic School and the current president and CEO of the company) and the creation of a vertical control unit for mechanical parts of the car placed in new owned and modern facilities in the 12th km of Old National Road: Thessaloniki – Veria.

Topalidis SA is an official representative of MICHELIN tires and one of the first companies that joined Michelin's quality system ("LABEL") in Greece in 2008. Today, the company follows the latest developments in the automotive industry and can cover the needs of its customers by having a full range for each brand of tires, rims and suspension, and  providesfull technical support via its specialized staff.